A police officer was stabbed as a man ploughed his car into a crowd of people outside Houses of Parliament in London

Man Rams Car Into Crowd Outside Houses of Parliament in London, Shot By Police

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A police officer has been stabbed and a man shot outside the Houses of Parliament in London.

Police gather outside the Houses of Parliament after a shooting. An officer was also stabbed

Two people were pictured lying on the ground within Old Palace Yard, just outside Westminster Hall.

Commons leader, David Lidington, told MPs that a “police officer has been stabbed” and the “alleged assailant was shot by armed police” following a “serious” incident in the parliamentary estate.

A man was shot and a police officer stabbed outside the Houses of Parliament today

A number of witnesses have reported seeing a man carrying a knife arguing with police officers, before several shots were heard.

The Metropolitan Police released the following statement on their Twitter.

There are reports of further incidents nearby, and police say they have been called to a firearms incident on Westminster Bridge.

Prime Minister Theresa May was ushered into a car by eight armed police and has since been driven away from Westminster. Other MPs are currently in lockdown in the main chamber.

More to follow.

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