A man was arrested near the White House after telling police he had a bomb in his car

Man Arrested Near The White House Claiming He Had A Bomb In His Car

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A Virginia man has been detained by the Secret Service after he drove a stolen car up to a checkpoint near the White House, and claimed he had a bomb in the trunk.

Police have said this is the third White House incident in less than a week. Understandably, security has been substantial beefed-up in response.

President Trump was not in the White House at the time, as he spent the weekend at his estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Washington, D.C. Police, said the intruder approached a checkpoint at around 11 p.m. on Saturday, he got out the vehicle and declared, “There’s a bomb in the trunk.” According to police the man could also be seen clasping something in his right hand.

He was charged with making false bomb threats, as well as the unauthorised use of a vehicle. The Secret Service later identified him as 29-year old Sean Patrick Keoughan, of Roanoke, Virginia.


Incidents like this have been commonplace since Trump took to the White House. On 10th March, a California man eluded numerous security posts and breached a perimeter fence, before scaling a vehicle gate to enter the South lawn of the White House.

The man was on the grounds for more than 16 minutes before Secret Service agents discovered him. They found two cans of pepper spray, a book by Donald Trump, and a note to the president in his backpack.

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department identified the man as Jonathan Tran, a 26-year old from Miliptas, California. He was charged with entering and remaining on restricted grounds while using or carrying a dangerous weapon.

President Trump has faced threats from all angles since his inauguration, even coming from rapper Snoop Dogg in his controversial Lavender video.

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