Brazilian authorities took down a drugs plane that was attempting to flee

This Is The Insanely Badass Way Brazilian Authorities Tackle A Drug Plane

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If you ever needed proof that Brazilian cops don’t f**k about, this is it.

The viral footage, which first popped up on Reddit, shows a couple of plain-clothed Brazilian officers hauling ass towards a drug plane attempting to take off. In Portuguese, one of the officers lays down his plan, stating that he’s going to ram one of the wings off.

After the impact, the cops 180 back around and point their weapons at the fleeing¬†criminals. You don’t really need to be bilingual to understand what’s being said at that part – pretty sure it involves the ground, and to get on it.

While the original Reddit post claimed the vehicle was a “drug plane” a translator emerged in the comments claiming it was an electronics heist. “The plane was loaded with electronics from Bolivia,” he wrote.

If this is true, the issue will be with taxation and the fact the goods didn’t go through Brazilian customs. Smuggling all kinds of goods in this manner to avoid taxes is apparently very common.

Authorities are unlikely to comment on what exactly was on board, but it’s pretty clear that whatever it was required drastic action on their part. I guess the takeaway message is if you’re going to Brazil, make sure¬†you’ve got your affairs in order.

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