President Trump Tweeted his dislike of "failing rapper" Snoop Dogg

President Donald Trump Is Now Feuding With Snoop Dogg On Twitter

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Snoop Dogg’s beefin’ days are largely behind him. A combination of frequent-marijuana use and his reincarnation into Snoop Lion, of Rastafarian- beliefs, has meant his last few projects were about peace and love, man.

Having said that, he was one of several celebrities who claimed he would migrate to Canada should a certain Mr. Trump win the election. The rapper posted a picture of Toronto’s CN Tower on his Insta, with a caption that called the city his “new home” before joking that Toronto-native Drake had “hooked him up with some property.”

Snoop Dogg says Drake is helping him find property in Toronto following President Trump's victory

Although Snoop has remained in Cali thus far, he hasn’t stopped his dislike for the new Pres. Earlier this week, the rapper released a video for his Lavender remix, in which Snoop points a gun at a Trump stand-in.

Rapper Snoop Dogg points a gun at President trump in his latest video

It’s fair to say Trump wasn’t best pleased. And we all know what happens when The Donald is displeased: he takes to Twitter.

The President blasted Snoop’s “failing career”, before wondering how the world would have reacted if Snoop had pointed the weapon at Barack Obama.

President Donald Trump tweets Snoop Dogg about former-President Obama

Apparently undeterred by pressing issues such as healthcare and ties with Russia, Trump’s favourite activity these days seems to be feuding with celebs on Twitter. Just a few weeks ago the President mocked Arnold Schwarzenegger for the poor viewing figures on Celebrity Apprentice.

Something tells me these won’t be the last such incidents during the Trump era.

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