Man Apparently Threatens Restaurant After Hearing They Ran Out Of Ranch

A man allegedly flew into a rage at a restaurant in Michigan after learning they had run out of ranch dressing. The dip is much loved across America, but at what cost?

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Until you have tasted ranch dressing, it is hard to understand the full power of this condiment and how incredible it is with salad, wings, fries…pretty much everything. America has long been obsessed with this creamy delight however there is a level of desperation for it that can certainly be too far. This was proved by a man in Detroit who allegedly flew into a rage after hearing the restaurant he was eating in had run out of ranch.

The ranch fan was visiting a restaurant in Sterling Heights, Michigan last Thursday when the incident occurred. According to a report by ClickOnDetroit, the man became aggressive and even threatened staff working. Police were called to intervene before physical violence ensued, and the man was asked to leave the premises.

It is yet unknown if the man will face any charges but he should definitely check his behaviour and possible uncontrollable addiction to ranch dressing. It’s a well loved dip but at what cost?

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