Blogger Who Put Pet Fox On Vegan Diet Criticized After Worrying Instagram Post

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Sonia Sae, from Barcelona, Spain is a self proclaimed animals rights activist and popular YouTuber/blogger.

However despite caring for animal welfare, Sae was heavily criticized for keeping a pet fennec fox, claiming she rescued it from a breeder in 2014. Naming the cute little creature Jumanji, Sae went one step further and took the decision to feed the fox a vegan diet.

Social media users posted hundreds of complaints, only propelled further by photos of Jumanji looking worryingly thin being posted online.



But is the vegan diet to blame?

National Geographic state that:

‘Fennec foxes are opportunistic eaters. They forage for plants but also eat rodents, eggs, reptiles, and insects.’

Another organisation, Foxes and Friends, advise that a domesticated fennec fox’s diet should “reflect their natural wild diet.” This includes feeding them “high quality meat-rich dog food, wild canine food brands, cat food, meats, insects, mealworms, custom dietary mixtures, or any combination.”

In spite of this advice, Sae feeds him a solely vegan diet consisting mainly of cat food.

Of course, connecting Sae’s diet admission along with the images of the fox with little ‘meat’ (excuse the pun) on his bones, her followers and fellow animal rights activists are claiming the vegan diet is to blame.

She has been bombarded with comments from angry animal lovers whilst petitions have also been initiated to change his diet or take him away from her care.

However, Sae has defended herself and vehemently denied the accusations. She admits that Jumanji has experienced a number of health ailments including hair loss, partial blindness and weight loss but that the vegan diet is not to blame. In fact Sae believes meat eating worsened his condition and the ailments disappeared once the diet was changed.

Shortly after, the popular Youtuber released a video statement addressing the health concerns to prove that Jumanji is not malnourished.

Catch the video here:


Recent Instagram posts do seem to show Jumanji at a much better weight so we hope the fennec fox is healthy and happy. However whether an animal of this nature should ever be domesticated is another question but damn, he is super cute.

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